Aqua Girl - 2011

This is a watercolor painting I did in high school. It has won first place by the Thea Foundation back in Little Rock, AR. Aqua Girl happens to be innocent. She has lived in the water her whole life, but she wants to see the world outside of the water. Apparently, she gets out of the water and thinks that everything outside of her own home is great. The water going out of her face shows that she is losing her innocence and is about to come around consequences she has not faced.

Dusty Elephant - 2010

Dusty Elephant has won first place at the Pulaski Academy Art Awards. I conducted an image of a baby elephant who happens to be playing with a ball in the dust. After a certain amount of time, he gets dirty and "dusty." However, viewers perceived a different message with this piece of art. They thought that the elephant was supposed to represent "Global Wisdom" and it has a connection with the Hindu God "Ganesh," who happens to represent protection and resistance against all evils. 


Angelina Jolie - 2016

With Angelina Jolie's portrait, I decided to challenge myself with my artistic abilities and apply digital technology to acrylic painting. Everyone knows her as an award-winning actress, humanitarian, and director. Angelina Jolie is an individual who I look up to because she is very experimental with her art and does not let her flaws or differences come in the way of her success. Every character she plays in her movies reveals a different side to the actress. There is always a certain behavioral trait that Angelina Jolie carries in her characters. For example. Lara Croft shows the star's love for travel and Maleficent reveals Angelina's nurturing side. Unlike other actresses in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is an actress who is very connected with her emotions and dynamic with her characters. 


Snoop Dogg- 2013

With Snoop Dogg's portrait, I used my graphite skills to create his portrait. Everyone knows him as rapper and actor from Long Beach, California. I consider him to be an artist who can conduct stories that are real and tell the "unglamorous" side of life. Society does not like to hear about situations that are unpleasant. I respect the fact that Snoop Dogg is not afraid to tell the whole world about his experiences and turns it into a unique form of art. He knows that his music will get criticism for explicit content, but he ended up selling millions of albums for global audiences to get a different outlook on music and hip hop culture.